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Scanning Services

As both the legal and business world transitions to digital formats, Litgistix can help transform your paper documents into more efficient and organized digital image files – saving you time and cost for searching and storing your documents. With our experienced and professional staff and large production scanning facility, we are equipped to handle any size project from archival scanning to specialized litigation document scanning. We offer many scanning and images services to help you manage your documents including:

Specialized Litigation Scanning

At Litgistix, we specialize and have extensive experience in handling litigation scanning from small to large scale document productions. Projects are handled confidentially and to your specific requirements.  We can image your legal paper documents to TIFF or Adobe PDF by organized file folder structures, OCR, code, and endorse with electronic Bates numbers. We also provide custom load files to enable a more efficient and cost-effective way to produce your documents on CDs or DVDs, and to import them into various litigation software programs.  If paper production is still required, we offer digital blowback prints with slip sheets from the scanned images as well.   We understand the importance of each document and have strict quality control standards to ensure the integrity of each image.

LexisNexisWe use the powerful and flexible LAW PreDiscovery software suite from LexisNexis. The software is designed for high volume production scanning and e-discovery processing with specific functionality to meet special litigation imaging needs such as creating load files for popular litigation software programs (Summation, Concordance, Caselogistix, Sanction, Trial Director, CaseMap, etc.), or just simply creating Adobe PDFs. The native and image files can be hosted in our OnDemand® document repository.

Archival Scanning Projects

Many businesses have realized the benefits of electronic documents and have converted their paper into digital form. Let us transform your archived or stored paper documents into electronic images to be easily viewed, distributed, and retrieved, saving time and costs.  At Litgistix, our high-speed scanning equipment and software offers a full range of capabilities and flexibility to handle your paper conversion project.   

Give us a call and let us show you the cost savings and intangible benefits that can be achieved by scanning your paper files.

Customer Testimonials:

“Litgistix digitally archived our operating blueprints in quick fashion. Their work has saved irreplaceable man hours, freed up additional space and streamlined our operations.”

David Atkinson,
One Place Development

“Litgistix digitized thousands of electronic logs and support data throughout the mid-continent for my clients into a customized, user-friendly database.”

Stacy Clark,
Double Eagle Enterprises, Inc.


B&W, Color & Oversize Document Scanning

Whether your documents are black & white, color, or oversize (greater than 11x17), we have high-speed scanning devices and an output capacity up to 10,000 black & white images per hour, in addition to full color imaging, to handle most any type of document and sized project.  

In addition to our Canon, Xerox and Fujitsu multi-functional and desktop scanners, we have two large format scanners that can scan documents up to 36” wide in black & white or color.  This enables us to scan oversize maps, blueprints, well logs, and engineering drawings as well.


Electronic Image Conversions

We can convert current image documents to and from various digital formats such as TIFF, Adobe PDF, JPEG, PNG, Text or other.    With our software, we can also batch convert native file documents such as emails, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. to uniform image documents in TIFF or Adobe PDF formats, or print hard-copy sets with custom, color, slip sheets.


OCR for Searchable or Editable text

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a process whereby text is extracted from an image following scanning, giving users the ability to search for key words or phrases.  Litgistix has the knowledge and technology to perform efficient OCR processing to save you time and money.   We advise our customers, however, that OCR conversion is not always 100% accurate; results are based on the quality and type of original documents, and whether or not handwriting is present.  

We can create searchable Adobe PDF documents or provide separate text files linked to scanned TIFF images and associated with custom load files for various databases or litigation software which will permit searchability.   Add color-text hit highlighting by using our online review tool, OnDemand®, to leverage even greater viewing and searching capabilities.   We can also convert paper or imaged documents to editable text in Microsoft Word, Excel or Wordperfect documents.


Electronic Bates Numbering and Endorsing

We can apply electronic pagination and Bates numbering with custom prefixes and suffixes to your documents, as well as endorse documents with custom headers/footers such as "Confidential" stamps or exhibit stickers.   Our quality control process and scanning software checks to ensure there are no duplicates, overlaps or gaps in the numbering.


Document Coding and Indexing

We offer several coding and indexing solutions for all your document organization needs, including in-house coding and lower cost off-shore coding alternatives through our outsourcing partners.  We can assist you in defining coding parameters to meet your particular project or case.

  • High Level Coding:  We offer capture or input of simple file folder or box level indexing, from source of documents to simple bibliographic and keyword coding about the overall document set.
  • Objective Coding:  Bibliographic fields such as Date, Author, Document Type, Recipients, etc., can be coded from scanned images and exported to include in load files for various litigation databases used for reviewing and searching.
  • Subjective Coding:  We also provide coding of more complex information requiring interpretation of data such as issue codes, subjective details, keyword information, responsiveness, privilege, or confidential designations, etc.

Digital Blowback Copy Sets

If you prefer paper discovery or production, Litgistix provides high-speed, batch printing of your images to hard-copy.  We can provide document breaks and binding to match the original images and color slip sheets with printed information such as document name, Bates number range, or other document or coded information to help organize the documents.


Custom Load File Creation

We can provide custom load files for you to import document images, coded fields, and OCR text seamlessly into databases and popular litigation software such as Summation, Concordance, Caselogistix, Casemap, TrialDirector, Sanction, Verdical, IPRO, Doculex, and others. Each load file is quality inspected before delivery. 

We can also create or convert different load file formats you receive from other parties into a common and usable format or a load file type that you specify.


Media Delivery Options

Scanned images are furnished on either CD/DVD media or on an external hard-drive, depending on the size of the project.  We can also FTP your files directly to your server if login parameters are furnished or even email the files if the document size is small. 


Viewing and Document Repository Options

We offer several options to deliver and view electronic documents:  

  • Adobe PDF Portfolios 
  • Load files for litigation software or other viewer software (Concordance, Caselogistix, Casemap, TrialDirector, Sanction, Verdical, IPRO, Doculex, iConect, etc.)
  • Web Based Document Review software


Click here for information on our web repository and online review tool.